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Our Project Approach - From Opportunities to Practice

We offer a wide range of services - introducing model-based approaches, new concepts as Business Decision Management or strategic consulting. The situation if often similar. The customer has a specific situation with specific problems and questions. he current methodology isn't enough any longer to solve these problems. New approaches bring a risk: Is the new approach useful for my problem? Will it be accepted in my organization? Can it be combined with my current approach or do I have to redo all the work? How much do I have to invest? Which options do I have? Can I combine different approaches? All these questions will be addressed by our project approach.

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Acquire Knowledge

We suggest suitable concepts to solve your problem. We show examples and explain possible ways to introduce the concepts and methodology. We develop the basic together with you.

Our offerings start with online-demos. We do training sessions and workshops with your core team.

You gain confidence. You can assess concepts and approaches for suitability for your own use case.

Your core team is able to explain the approach to other stakeholders.

Develop Skills

Extended workshops for deeper understanding of new concepts and their implementation.

Pilot project: We realize a Pilot Project (max. 3 weeks) together with you. In this project we apply the new method to a relevant issue from your daily praxis. The project is limited in the scope. The goal is not to completely solve and realize the business issue but to do a proof-of-concept for the method on your environment. We create the base to roll-out the method and plan the complete project.

We integrate the results into your existing business architecture and customize the method. You profit from our experience in similar projects.

Knowledge transfer to your team is core practice of our work from day 1. We act as coach and mentor within your team.

You understand the concepts and method in more detail. You understand not only the content. You have a qualified understanding about questions as planning, integration, quality control or introducing the method in your team.

You gain confidence in applying the concepts to your own business. You understand the methodology and can apply it successfully. This includes project planning. The methodology is customized for your reality. Supporting material as style guide, templates and examples are created.

You have the tools for involving more teams and roles in hand. You can estimate the complete project. Effort and results are known. You can qualify project risks. The next project phase can be planned in detail.

Utilize Methodology

Now it's time for praxis. The concepts have to be applied fully to solve the original issue, to produce results and to improve your business.

We continue supporting your team. Our role changes over time. Your team is able to realize projects on their own. We take over new tasks as quality assurance for the created results or coaching in the continuous development of the methodology,

Results should be usable long term. We extend the methodology with disciplines for Governance of models and the methodology itself.

Your team has adopted the concepts and the working techniques in their own methodology. They apply it to your business problems and know the benefits and the limits. They continue to adopt the methodology to your needs in a practical and creative way.

More projects benefit from the knowledge and the developed methodology.