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Model-Based Business Engineering

Our Services for Business Process and Business Architecture Documentation

Our daily work is based on models. Without documenting Business Processes, Business Architecture, Vision and Goals of our organisation it will be difficult to analyze or optimize.

Models come in many forms: formal, visual models using a standard notation as BPMN or DMN, informal models or textual descriptions.

Creating good models requires working techniques and knowledge. Creating models usable in many ways requires soft skills in addition. Creating models usable for different purposes and maintable over the entire life cycle is the supreme discipline.

Model-Based ...

Models are a mean not an end. That's why we talk about model-based engineering, not about model-driven. We want to understand and improve our Business Processes, we have to implement regulations, we want to make use of new technologies or offer new services. For all this different artefacts are needed: Vision, Goals, Business Processes, technical systems, cultural aspects and more. We have to be clear about our needs to justify the effort for creating models.

Models come in different forms: formal models or informal description. The form determines effort for creating and maintaining the model. The form needs to consider the stakeholders and users of our models. Helping you to find the right presentation form is part of our service portfolio.

... Business ...

To achieve our goals it is not enough to describe IT systems. It is not enough to describe the flow of business processes. We need to know the motivation of our organization. We need to describe operative decisions and to understand the basics and the scope of the business area. The different models must be described in context.

That's why the subject of our work is the entire organization. This includes our staff, vendors, and other stakeholders. Our models need to fullfil their respective purpose and consider the different target groups.

... Engineering

We see model development as an engineering effort. This means

  • modeling is planable in terms or time, ressources and cost
  • modeling is repeatable and measurable
  • the quality of models is measurable

This should all be obvious, but isn't in many cases.

We impart knowledge, skills and working techniques to enable your team for this challenges. We don't offer an one-size-fits-all method, but a rich tool box including hard knowledge, many small tools and pragmatic approaches, taylored to fit your situation. Our services include quality assurance and continues development of the used method.

How we help - Training, Coaching, Projects, Knowledge Transfer

We offer a wide range of services. We combine many topics and services in a holistic approach. We show how tp use Business Process Management, Case Management, Business Decision Management and other concepts in a pragmatics and productive way.


Workshop ProzessmodellierungWe offer Open Courses and Workshops to develop knowledge and skills to describe Business Processes, Business Decisions and other components of a Business Architecture. Open Workshops address the Standard Notation of the Object Managment Group (OMG) and working techniques to use them efficiently. Notations are not an end in itself. We focus on the concepts behind the notations. We show practical examples how to use them. We emphasize methodologies to address different stakeholders. You find information about our workshops under "Training".

Many workshops are In-House Workshops specifically designed for the customer. Together with you we develop the needed content. We include your examples. We offer different forms of knowledge transfer.

All our workshop offerings are characterized throuh a high interaction between the participants and us. We prefer a high involvement of our attendees. Examples from your daily business are always welcome.


We go along with your team to build a "Center of Excellence". We not only teach skills. We advice on important decisions. You profit from our experiences from many projects. Our team addresses also special challenges with the help of our network.


We realize projects - from planning to realization. You have additional ressources available and can react faster to current challenges. We offer a consistent concept. We introduce concepts to your team, we realize pilot projects to give you security, that the choosen way is beneficial for you. We help you mid- and long-term to realize your projects. You have access to experienced ressources. Knowledge Transfer is integral part of our projects.

Knowledge Transfer

Models are living artefacts. Maintenance must be in the hand of your team. Knowledge Transfer is a basic part of all our offerings. This is visible also in our approach and methodology.

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